How to find if your child has lice infestation?

If your child goes to school, then you might have experienced the panic which comes along with the news of a lice outbreak in their class. Or you might have noticed your child scratching his scalp every now and there. Now, regardless of how you came to learn about the lice infestation or outbreak, learning how to recognize head lice and implementing the right treatment is very crucial. There are a number of certified lice removal clinics which can be helpful in getting rid of lice.


Here are common signs of head lice infestation-

Scratching- Scratching is the most common symptom of head lice. Lice are small parasites that usually feed off on small amounts of blood leading to itching. Now, sometimes it can take weeks for children with lice to start scratching and sometimes they may start scratching and itching their scalp right away.   

Small red bumps on the scalp- If your child’s scalp has small red bumps or rashes then this could be a sign of lice infestation. Every child reacts differently, so keep an eye out on your child. Check your child’s scalp for any sign of lice or nits. You can part their hair in various ways and observe their scalp. Also, ensure to check behind ears and near the neck. If you find any rashes, it can be due to lice.

Now, by choosing a certified lice removal service in Metrowest you can easily identify and treat head lice in your child’s scalp. Reliable lice and nit removal service provider can help you learn the most common signs of head lice to help you stay protected for the next time.

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